Tour Humantay “A hidden lagoon in Cusco” full day

Above 4200m of altitude a beautiful natural lagoon can be found. Two great Apus (Humantay and its bigger brother Salkantay) are watching over this liquid formation, characterized by its transparent turquoise waters.

Tour discovering a different rainbow mountain with 4 lagoons, an inka bridge and riding a bycicle, 2/D and 1/N

Adventure in the south valley, Rainbow Mountain and the last trace still alive of the inka culture: the bridge that survived time and the only inka one remaining, the Queswachaca

Tour hidden rainbow mountain and stone forest full day, optionally by bicycle

The rituals and ancestral legacy found in a different rainbow mountain. You will experience a village that possesses more than 300 varieties of potatoes. This is the only place remaining that is still maintaining, in its natural habitat, the most beautiful and astonishing camel (the vicuña).

Tour Machupicchu through an alternative inka trek and termal waters, 2D/1N

A different way of getting to know it by meeting with locals. Wandering through one of the ancient inka paths, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains surrounding Machupicchu.

Tour Machupicchu 3D/2N

Looking for a different way of discovering Machupicchu and you like physical activity? This circuit is a mixture between adrenaline and history, in a tour of 3 days and 2 nights.

Tour Humantay lagoon and Chonta’s condor lookout, full day

An opportunity to discover these two beauties of nature: the astonishing turquoise lagoon and the Apurimac canyon, the highest in America, populated by the biggest masterful birds in the world (The flight of the condors).

Tour Apu Huanacahure, morning (half day)

The sacred mountain where everything started. This place holds on to a lot of history between its stones, and preserves one of the best views on the Inka’s imperial city (Cusco).

Tour Qoricocha lodge (2D/1N)

A community that still maintains its history and traditions, holding on their typical trading and reciprocity concepts. This is a place where you can hear mountains speak.

Chonta the flight of the condors, full day

They considered it the god that united sky and earth, the flight of the sacred inka bird (flight of the condors). Enjoy an incomparable lookout in the Apurimaq canyon, one of the deepest of America and possibly of the world.

Discovering the amazons and their people