Our philosophy, is to make the change you want to see in the world come true. We believe in a constructive tourism for a sustainable and integrative communitarian development.


Our objective is to create spaces of intercultural exchange and promote a sustainable to enhance the abilities of Peruvian aboriginal villages.


Our key pillars are communitarian development, fair-trade and ecology.

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Why do we represent sustainable tourism?

Volunteering and cooperation programs


Promoting and strengthen the abilities of local people for an integrative development, by encouraging autonomy. The aim is not only to provide them with materials, but also with moral values and principles that will allow them to reach self-sustainability and development.

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It is an alternative that exposes the origins of poverty and inequality, developing a commercial system that differs from the conventional one, by maintaining the focus on the rights of smaller communities and the ecosystem.

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Promote and guarantee not only the conservation of animals and plants, but also the reasonable development of natural resources. Moreover, it is important to note that respect to nature can be inferred through education: it is not to leave a better world for our children, it is to leave better children for our world.

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Traditional Circuits

Get to know unforgettable places and enjoy our city, discovering its landscape and history.

Alternative Circuits

A journey of learning begins with… a different story. Discovering the culture and people means going off the beaten track, means to find oneself in an experience of apprenticeship and exploration.

Our Circuits

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Logbook of a traveler

Early in the morning, 5:00 AM, we meet up to begin with the first day of the Salkantay Walk, heading to Machu Picchu. First segment was two hours and a half in the minivan until the municipality of Mollepata, at 2.900 meters above sea level, slightly lower than Cusco. It is here where we have breakfast and get ready for the trek. The majority of the route is cemented, but becomes more exciting later with narrow dirt roads, sided by cliffs. After breakfast we continue to Challacancha, enjoying the majestic views of the Humantay’s snowy peaks, on Vilcabamba’s mountain range.


At destination, we finish arranging our backpacks, dispatching some items to the minibus, which will bring them to the camping site. This way, with lighter feet, we will make an offer to the Pachamama (mother earth) and start walking. Our destination for the first day is Soraypampa, at the feet of Humantay, where the first camping site is located.

A request to the Pachamama

The rest of the group already started walking and got ahead. We stay with Wil at the place, to look for a stone for the “apacheta”. The “apachetas” are stacks of stones that can be observed in the Andes. They can be either small or big. The offer to the Pachamama consists of choosing a stone before starting the walk. We request something to the Pachamama and, when destination is reached, the stone is left with three coke leafs. But where exactly should we leave this stone? Wil’s answer was simply: “You will feel where the right place will be”. I knew it would have been in Machu Picchu, at the end of the trip. And there I left it. I made my request, put the rock in my pocket, and… here we go!

Beginning of the journey

Exactly at 8:24 AM, at an altitude of 3.600 meters, we started walking up to 3.700m, where we met with the Inca Duct. From this point, walking side by side with the canal to Soraypampa, at 3.912 m. As always, the first minutes are the hardest ones. The body needs to warm up and acclimatize. After passing the feeling of never being able to reach destination, one starts to enjoy the walk: impressive views on Humantay. With amazing view-points. This first day of walk consists of 7km, where the first of us made it in about 2:20 hours. The trek is tiring because of the altitude and distance, but it is not a technical one. Even though you might not believe it, the hard part already comes after lunch, when walking towards the lagoon Humantay. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. After midday, the group got back together and built up the camping site, surrounded by mountains. ON one side, HUmantay, and on the other, the imposing Salkantay.

I got to say, nowadays the quality of camping sites and food improved considerably. Each time with a better infrastructure and better food. Of course, that reflects itself in the tour’s price. Our group of guides, cooks and carriers, were excellent.


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